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Lake Tritonis was the home of the Amazons. We don't really know where Lake Tritonis was but we are told by Diodorus Siculus that it lay towards Ethiopia which is on the east coast of Africa. The lake was also connected to a river called the Triton and Apollonius of Rhodes in The Voyage of Argo tells us that the River Nile at one time used to be called the Triton. This would tend to suggest that Lake Victoria was Lake Tritonis as it represents one of the sources of the Nile. The following link is what Wikipedia has to say on the subject of Lake Tritonis. 

Lake Tritonis - Wikipedia

The following link, again from Wikipedia, discusses the numerous suggested locations for Atlantis. As you will see there have be many different suggestions over the years from Spain to the South Pole. However, as yet, my own theory has not been included on this list from Wiki but don't say I haven't tried........

Location Hypothesis of Atlantis

This site tells you a lot about the Amazons and their original homeland in Libya before entering Asia Minor. In the ancient world 'Libya' was a general term referring to the known parts of Africa outside of Egypt and Ethiopia. I recommend you read from the section entitled 'Amazons in Libya' onwards.

Classical Myths - The Amazons

The next link relates the story of the Voyage of the Argo and discusses the proximity of the legendary Mount Atlas to Lake Tritonis. The author however makes the common mistake of placing Lake Tritonis, and with it Mount Atlas, in west Africa based upon the observation that the name of the island in the lake, Hespera, refers to the west. But the reference to the west could equally be because the lake lay due west of Mount Atlas. And don't forget Diodorus has already told us that Lake Tritonis lay towards Ethiopia which is in the east.  

The Voyage of the Argo