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Did Plato get it wrong?


Diodorus Siculus in his Library of History tells us that the Atlantians lived at the base of Mount Atlas in Africa. This tribe was more advanced and technologically developed than the surrounding tribes of the area. He also tells us that it was an island in a large lake nearby that disappeared during an earthquake and this island was inhabited by Amazons. It was the war-like Amazons that challenged the Greeks in Asia Minor and not the Atlantians as Plato has it.


Greek mythology is consistent in supporting the account of Diodorus but not that of Plato.


In Greek mythology Mount Atlas is found in Africa (the Atlantians derive their name from Atlas). And also in Greek mythology it is the Amazons who challenge the Greeks in Asia Minor.


In my book “Atlantis, the Origin of a Legend” I identify the geographical features described by Diodorus in the Africa of today. I place the scene of events in Africa's Great Rift Valley and have Lake Victoria as the remnants of the lake with the island populated by the Amazons, before an ancient seismic event altered the landscape forever.  



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Amazon Review:  "This absorbing book explores the possibility that the Atlantis story represents a distortion of a number of myths and legends already present in the ancient Greece and Egypt of the time. Putting more emphasis on Diodorus Siculus' account of the Atlantians, who places this people somewhere in Africa, is it possible that the island Plato spoke of was actually present in a lake not far from a large mountain? Piecing together the key details given in Diodorus, is it possible to identify these features in the Africa of today? In a fascinating piece of historical detective work, the author is able to reveal to the reader precisely how a legend was born."


  • Paperback 108 pages; Publisher iUniverse, Inc.; October 7, 2004; ISBN 0595332676; Dimensions 6 x 9 inches.




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